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Cooking Corner

July 9, 2011
Bernice Volkens

Thinking about our recent celebration of Independence Day we must never take the great achievement of those who wrote the Declaration of Independence for granted. It is the vision of our forefathers who held a common view that any human person as noble, free and having inalienable rights. Men, who did not want war but fought to achieve the potential of a nation founded on human rights. If we lose sight of their visions, then we are unwilling to commit to the ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence, our belief in the United States will be lessened.

Our founding fathers were committed to change and change has been a part of our nation ever since. We talk about change a lot. There's a change of seasons, change of pace, change of management, or even, an agent of change. Some people view change with a lot of skepticism, taking a look, but choosing not to change. Others view change with contempt, content to stay in the familiar where they are comfortable. Still others see change as a good thing, an opportunity. And, finally, there are those who accept change out of necessity.

Change brings us many opportunities for improvement and gives us a chance for insight, which makes us ahead of the curve. We should accept the new technology and think about where we are and where we want to be. I found out you can't live in the past. Sometimes we have to accept a change. Many of you know Iowa Telecom was sold to Windstream and they now offer a updated web page with many advantages, but for me it was a real upset. If you are able to have high-speed internet it is great. However, there are people like us who can only have dial-up coverage because of where we live and I had a hard time getting things loaded or sent. I had to go with a change and go with satellite dish service. For quite awhile I tried to fix my problem, but we didn't know what was broken. After much frustration I had to fix the problem and do a change that I hope will be beneficial.

It is the time of the year when we are looking for foods that are cool. This dessert goes together quickly and can be made ahead and served immediately or kept in the freezer. Served with little cookies it is a light dessert.


2 containers (8 oz.)

low - fat strawberry


1 pint of strawberries,


1 tsp. grated orange peel


Mix strawberry yogurt and spoon into a ice cube tray.

Freeze until completely frozen, three or four hours. Remove cubes from tray and place in the bowl of a electric food processor. Process until finely chopped. Add strawberries and orange peel. Process just until almost smooth. Serve immediately or place in freezer and stir occasionally until firm enough to scoop, one to two hours. Makes 6 servings or about 3 cups.




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