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Cooking Corner

July 2, 2011
Bernice Volkens

It hardly seems possible that the month of June is ending and that it will be July. It seemed the last few months just flew by and now we are actually having shorter days. There were so many things we were going to get done this summer and actually we have done very little that was in our plans. One was to get to Des Moines to spend a couple of days with our daughter, shopping, going out to eat etc. and I did get that done. Her husband had to be out of town on business and she had a couple of days free so that did work out. I like it when I do get to go to work with her, it must be I just kind of fit in. Vicki is administrator of an assisted living home called The Rose and it seems they always have something going on that is fun and interesting. However, when I come home I'm thankful that we are able to live nicely in our own home, but for people who need help and their home is too much for them it is wonderful that there are places they can go and live with the help they need. I also think my husband kind of enjoys his time alone when I'm gone. I guess it must be he can eat, sleep and work when he wants to instead of me giving him suggestions.

With July 4th coming up next week it's time to get my patriotism shined up. This has always been special to my family and has been for many years. It is the community events, the parade, the fireworks and other traditions that make it so. How wonderful it is to be part of a small town celebration. It is so rewarding to be with friends and help with coming together for another great 4th of July. The greatest resource we can have are people. People working together is what makes things work.

Here's a great patriotic cool parfait for your picnic at home on the 4th of July. It's very easy and tasty, but best of all, it's easy.



1. Put some strawberries (fresh or frozen) in the bottom of a parfait or tall glass.

2. Add a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top of the berries.

3. Next add a layer of blueberries - this follows the ice cream and completes the red, white and blue flag colors.

4. If your parfait glasses are tall repeat it a couple of times. I used tall plastic glasses.

5. Complete with a whipped topping and put a cherry on top.

"Have a safe and happy 4th."



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