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Letter to the Editor

June 4, 2010
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor:

On Wednesday, May 12, at 3:30 p.m. Grundy County Memorial Hospital patients, Long Term Care residents, families, and staff were evacuated due to a suspected natural gas leak.

On behalf of the Grundy County Memorial Hospital Board of Commissioners, Medical Staff, Leadership Team, and Associates; I wish to express our gratitude for the outstanding response we received from Black Hills Energy, Grundy County area law enforcement, EMS and fire services. In addition, we had 146 staff and volunteers respond to our disaster call system to assist with evacuation and ongoing support of our patients and residents.

Although I am relieved to report that the source of our problem, an old gas line containing residual odor that had been disturbed by a combination of landscaping and recent heavy rains, was not an actual natural gas leak; this incident demonstrates the exceptional support we receive from our surrounding communities.

We are truly blessed and grateful for all of the ways people from our area support our patients, residents, and staff every day at the Grundy County Memorial Hospital.

With my sincerest appreciation,

Pamela K. Delagardelle, CEO

At Grundy County Memorial Hospital, we work on the premise of "Best outcome, every patient/resident, every time." This is practiced each day at our facility without hesitation or second thought. I would like to share with the community how I saw our staff going above and beyond during our recent evacuation process.

When the Code Evacuation was called, the patients from the hospital and residents from the Long Term Care unit were moved in a quiet and orderly fashion. The amazing part was that the evacuation took less that 10 minutes. Everyone was calm and efficient. I feel that this is to be applauded. Where I saw staff go above and beyond was in their interaction with patients/residents. It was awesome. Blankets were given to warm patients/residents as needed, as was a quiet word or a hug of comfort to calm. Staff and volunteers sat and spoke to the residents to keep them occupied or found quiet areas for those that required less environmental stimulation. Staff that were called in came in large numbers and did the jobs needed.

A situation that could have brought confusion and anxiety to residents and patients was handled calmly and caringly. I am proud to be part of an organization that does not just state, but lives out "Best outcome every patient/resident every time."

Joni Wright

Physical Therapist

Grundy County Memorial Hospital

With gratitude and great thanks, appreciation is expressed to the G-R administration, our Fine Arts Boosters, IMPACT and PTO for their support in the purchase of new instruments for our beginning band program.

Participation in music can be life-long. Valuable skills in cooperation, listening, appreciation and teamwork are learned and can be applied to many aspects of life. Our school district and the support systems behind it, have greatly stepped up to make sure the students of our district have the opportunity to participate!

Thank you,

Marcia Hagedorn



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