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Senior Spotlight

April 16, 2010
Reinbeck Courier

Name: Andrew Brandt

Nickname: Drew

Date/Place of Birth:

Article Photos

November 7, 1991 -

Covenant Hospital.

Parents: John and Tina


Siblings: Anthony,

Alexander, Amber.


Food: Dad's spaghetti

Movie: Dazed and


TV Show: Family Guy

Restaurant: McDonalds

Color: Black

Music: Rock, Country,


Holiday: Easter

Vacation: South Dakota

Sport: Football

Hidden Talent: I can


Biggest Pet Peeve: Slow


Favorite High School

Memory: All the times at

Junker's house, at the

park, and cruising


Favorite G-R Teacher;

Why? Mr. Bourek

because he was the

teacher who really didn't

care and made my life


Things I'm Going to

Miss About G-R: The

fact that nobody thinks

they are better than

anybody else. It's been


Miss About Our Class:

The wild things I hear

everyday and the movie

quotes that everyone has

to say.

Person I Admire Most

and Why: My father. I

admire him because he

came up from nothing

and made himself a great

man and father. I hope I

can be as good as him.

Advice to

Underclassmen: Take

life easy. Don't get too

stressed out.

Future Plans: Go to

Hawkeye for Diesel

Tech. Then go to work

for a diesel shop.

One Word to Describe

Myself: Angry



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