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Senior Spotlight

April 16, 2010
Reinbeck Courier

Name: Alex Holbach

Nickname: Al, A-Rex.

Date/Place of Birth:

Article Photos

November 22, 1991 -

Waterloo, Iowa.

Parents: P.J. and Laurie

(Connie Wood).

Siblings: Kayla, 15.


Food: Mashed potatoes

with corn on top.

Movie: The Hangover

TV Show: One Tree Hill

Restaurant: The O.P.

Color: Blue

Music: Country

Holiday: Christmas

Vacation: Minnesota


Sport: Softball

Activities/Sports at G-R:

Volleyball, softball,

yearbook, soccer, foreign

friends, peer helper,


band, NHS.

Favorite activity/sport at

G-R; Why? Softball

because it's an awesome

sport. We have a lot of

fun and it feels like a


Biggest Pet Peeve:

Chomping gum, chewing

with mouth open, talking

with mouth full.

Favorite High School

Memory: Being

hypnotized and making a

fool of myself in front of

the whole junior/senior


Favorite G-R Teacher;

Why? Mrs. Wilson, she's

so funny and there for

you whenever you need

her. She's so full of life

and makes learning fun.

Things I'm Going to

Miss About G-R: Going

to football/basketball

games and seeing my

friends every day.

Miss About Our Class:

Our inability to make a

decision on anything.

Person I Admire Most

and Why: Grandma

Staack, she was

diagnosed with cancer,

yet she is always positive

and never gives up.

Advice to

Underclassmen: Enjoy it

while it lasts_it goes by


Future Plans: Attend a

four-year college.

One Word to Describe

Myself: Gullible



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