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Letters to the editor

March 5, 2010
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor:

The Grundy County Farm Bureau Board would like to thank the area's school administration and the volunteer school board members for their hard work in making tough decisions. With the recent budget cuts in the state funding of schools, our school boards are challenged to find the resoures to support our kids' education.

We encourage citizens throughout the country to become informed of the educational challenges and opportunities the districts will be facing in the coming years. Your involvement and support are necessary as we all strive to do what's best for kids through our educational systems in Grundy County.

We the Grundy County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, respect our local school boards and their administrations as they make tough decisions to work within balanced budgets. A strong educational program is vital to our kids' futures, and the future of our communities.


Dave Hommel

President, Grundy Co. Farm Bureau

During the 2009 session, the democratically-led legislature passed an act (after much encouragement from the EPA that forbids manure application on snow-covered or frozen ground between 12/21 and April 1 every year. This year the same legislative body has taken time from Iowa's serious budget issues to seriously consider House File 2324, a bill that would exempt factory farms with more than 1,250 head of hogs built before July 2009 from complyng with SF 432.

The defeat of House File 2324 is a no-brainer.

Liquid manure cannot absorb into frozen ground. It runs off into streams, lakes and rivers as the snow melts. Iowa's waters do not need more pollutant for the taxpayers to clean up before they drink it. In 2006, Iowans paid $18 million for measures to clean up our water. Budget-minded legislators might want to remember that fact when considering a bill that would add to our pollution. Join Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement in demanding that your representatives vote no on House File 2324.


Barb Kalbach

Dexter, Iowa



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