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Letters to the Editor

February 12, 2010
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor,

It's strange that One Iowa spreads misinformation about same sex marriage being legal. Iowa's Constitution gives the Legislature (Art. III, Sect. I Legis. Dept.) and the governor (through signature/veto) the right to make/change laws. The Supreme Court does not have that authority (Art. V, Sect. I Jud. Dept.). So until the other two branches of our state government pass such a law, unnatural marriage is not legal despite that it's being allowed. Governor Culvershould do something about the court's abuse of power (Art. IV, Sect. I Exec. Dept.) but refuses to do so. I find itdisgusting that one Iowa supports an illegal act by the court and the wanton discrimination against all Iowans when it comes to amending our Constitution. We have the right to vote on IMA (HJR 8) and should insist that our leaders let us (contact them, especially Senator Gronstal and Speaker Murphy). Preserving a cornerstone of our civilization is very importantto Iowa'sfuture. Protecting natural marriage will strengthen our families, communities and state.

Thank You, Alan H. Laird, Ollie, Iowa

Dear Editor,

I guess I really don't understand which category PLA's fall into? A form of discrimination or Corruption within our government? I also don't understand why OUR GOVERNMENT would favor PLA's. We have so many NON-UNION Contractors out there that make it possible for the middle class guy able to do his job and do it very well, without being under the thumb of the UNION. Contracts that are funded by the "Taxpayer" should "ALWAYS" be about which contractor does the best work, (based on their history) and the lower price. The very unreasonable terms and conditions of PLA's, make it impossible for companies that are non-union to be able to bid on PLA projects. That to me is "DISCRIMINATION" against the Non-Union companies. When you have a Bid Letting on PLA projects, they are usually very limited to only union companies which doesn't always mean that the best price or the best contractor is going to get the job. Union-only PLA's will hurt not only our local workers but the Non-union small businesses as well, it would have an ill effect on our economy, because the non-union company will be barred from bidding on PLA projects. What part of this "FAIR" and most of all "RIGHT"

Sincerely, Barbara Sero

Shellsburg, Iowa



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