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Cooking Corner

January 8, 2010
Bernice Volkens

So here it comes 2010 and I'll have to get used to writing a new year and hear all the predictions on what this year will bring.I can remember in the 70's the prediction was that the world would have ended by the year 2010.There is always someone in the know who predicts catastrophes, romances, down to what will be trendy to eat and wear.I figure these people who are in this business are sure winners.Because if your predictions were lemons, nobody remembers who predicted what.I would like to predict what would be nice to happen, but the experts would just call it "wishful thinking."However, at least the prediction of snow and cold weather has come true.When it wasn't snowing it was blowing over the roads which made for some slippery driving. By the time you are reading this our trip up to Rochester will be over and Virgil will be home recuperating.I hated to think of the drive up north but he wanted that shoulder replaced, icy and snowy roads wasn't going to keep him home.

We're both lucky he is a sports fan.No, make that a football nut. He can watch any sport on television and enjoy it.Because he is house bound he can stay home and watch TV and recuperate.After several days of bowl games, he's almost in a dazed condition.I like the games but I refuse to watch 3 in a row.However, I found out long ago that I either had to be a football fan or a football widow.My husband can enjoy any team.I can't enjoy a football game just because it's a football game.I have to be up for someone to enjoy the action.

On the days of ball games I have to scrap plans to cook a decent meal.It is usually soup and sandwiches and the rest of the day is spent snacking.There's just something about ball games that makes snacks the best food to eat. Popcorn is our favorite but somehow potato chips, peanuts, pretzels, cheese and crackers find their way to the "Easy Boy." It seems there is always one game or another goes into overtime. When this happens it's great to have something that has been fixed in advance and can be called a meal. These little Reubens are great for any kind of party, but especially liked by football fans.


1 cup Thousand Island


36 slices of party rye


1 can well-drained

sauerkraut, chopped

1 lb. thinly sliced corned


1/2 lb. sliced Swiss



1.Spread each slice of

bread lightly with

mustard. Place 1

Tablespoon sauerkraut

on each slice of bread

and top with a slice of

corn beef.

2.Cut cheese the size of

the bread and place over

corned beef.Arrange

sandwiches on baking

sheet and bake at 400

degrees for 8 minutes or

until cheese melts.

Can be made early in the day and baked at serving time.

"Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits."



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