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Talking to your Provider

December 25, 2009
Alicia Wager, ARNP, Covenant Clinic – Reinbeck

Talking to your provider can be intimidating. But clear, honest dialogue between the two of you is one of the keys to maintaining your health. As the New Year approaches, here are some tips from Covenant Clinic on how to improve the lines of communication between you and your provider.

Before your Appointment

Most appointments to see your provider are made well ahead of time. In the meantime, you should plan what you would like to discuss before coming in. For instance, if you have symptoms of any kind, make sure you come in knowing how often they occur, when they started or how severe are they. You will also want to make sure your provider is aware of any new medications you have taken, if you recently made a trip to the emergency room or if you have seen another provider. Finally, if you have trouble communicating, bring someone along with you for help.

During your Appointment

During your appointment, telling your provider what you think he or she wants to hear can be dangerous. Instead, simply be honest. Ask questions if you don't understand something and immediately let the provider know if you will not be able to follow his/her advice. When discussing a specific concern, ask when you can see results. Finally, if you see a specialist, request that a written report be sent to your primary care provider.

Following these few extra steps will help you and your provider for years to come. Everyone at Covenant Clinic-Reinbeck wishes you a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season.



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