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Letter to the Editor

November 27, 2009
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor:

Move yourselves, pets and livestock into the basement for survial while the deer, coyote and fox hunting seasons are on. Most hunts start out "legal" but the legality and safety quickly get dumped when the chase gets going. When you see them zooming back and forth around the mile with 4 wheel drive pick ups, you can be sure they're chasing or heading off animals with motor vehicles. They're coordinating other hunters by radio or telephone. They park in the traveled part of the road and shoot into properety where they don't have permission to hunt. When that "zooming around back and forth" is going on, they've got loaded and uncased guns in vehicle and they're not seat belted. They cannot get a gun into action and aimed while seat belted. Most of the above is illegal and there aren't enough game wardens to enforce it. County Sheriff dept's should and could get involved to enforce the "road hunting/driving" violations.

There should be MORE game wardens to properly police the armed gangs. Instead the number of game wardens have been reduced. Object to your state lawmakers about this reduction.


Herman Lenz, 20832 Y Avenue, Sumner, IA. 50674.



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