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G-R Happenings

June 12, 2009
Reinbeck Courier

It has been a busy, exciting, and challenging year for the G-R school district. I would like to thank the board of education, staff, students, parents and patrons for all of the work and support they put into making G-R a great place for our students. While we are proud of the successes of the past and present, we are and will continue to work to continually improve the educational system for our students.

One of the projects that the District Advisory Committee (DAC) completed this year was a community survey to help us determine the areas of improvement in the district that should be our top priorities. The DAC will be reporting their recommended priorities to the board at the June 18 board meeting. Themes from the survey, as well as the recommended priorities will be posted on the G-R website at

A project that the communities and school are collaborating on is daycare centers in Gladbrook and Reinbeck. The center in Reinbeck will see construction begin soon this summer. The project in Gladbrook will hopefully be running shortly behind. Enrollment at the center in Reinbeck is already near capacity. We are very optimistic that the centers will be a big step towards stabilizing enrollment in the district.

Another area of improvement at G-R is dual enrollment courses being offered on-site at the high school for the first time. These courses allow students to earn high school credit toward graduation, while earning college credit through Hawkeye Community College at the same time. The dual-enrollment courses offered in 2009-2010 will include: Math for Liberal Arts, Exploring Physical Science, Psychology, Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Agronomy, Principles of Horticulture, Survey of the Animal Industry, and Natural Resources and the Environment. Instructors for these courses must have enough master's degree credits in the subject area to be qualified to teach it as a college level course. The students enrolled in these courses, except for Introduction to Engineering, must have a qualifying ACT or Compass score. These courses are a huge step in preparing our students for life after high school, as well as a potential savings to families who will be paying for college credits.

Summer projects have already begun to keep our facilities a viable environment to educate our students. We will be repairing some roofs, installing some new lockers, painting classrooms, hallways, locker rooms, and lunchrooms, installing some new doors, as well as all the usual summer cleaning and maintenance. In conjunction with construction on the daycare center in Reinbeck and the concession stand in Gladbrook it will be a busy and productive summer for our maintenance staff.

An area that we would like feedback on is the new District Developed Service Delivery Plan (DDSDP). This plan lays out the guidelines for our special education program. The State Department of Education has required all districts to re-evaluate their DDSDP and approve a plan for the 2009-2010 school year. A committee comprised of parents and school staff met with AEA personnel to review our current plan and revise it to meet state guidelines and best meet the needs of our students. Please visit the district website,, or stop in the district office to pick up a copy for your review. Please direct any input to Tim Kuehl in the district office, you could stop in, call, or email your input.

2008-2209 was a successful school year at G-R, but I am excited by the work ahead as we continue to improve the G-R Schools for years to come.


Tim Kuehl, Superintendent



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