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Letter to the Editor

June 5, 2009
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor and Subscribers,

The Main Street Committee and many citizens have been busy. Like most communities the budget restraints have tightened up quite severely, but we are still on a mission to keep our community strong. We are hopeful that we can help create ways to bring in more new residents and shoppers to our town.

Through an Alliant Energy program we did a "First Impressions" exchange with a town similar to us in Iowa. We were reaffirmed that we need to improve our look on Main as well as along Hwy. 175.

I hope you have noticed some new "looks " around the community. With $1,500 from the Economic Development Board, $400 from the City Council, some financial donations, and countless hours and effort by many Reinbeck volunteers, we are working to improve the appearance of the community for the residents, shoppers and visitors.

I hesitate to name names and groups in the fear I will fail to mention someone, or I may not even know what they are doing, but here goes with a few who are helping: (Please contact me if you know of others to mention.)

M&W sold us the redwood lumber at a discounted price.

The GR High School students built three redwood trash receptacles and seven redwood flower boxes.

The GR high School Agriculture Class grew the plants and planted them in the flower boxes.

Local merchants and volunteers are caring for the plants.

We purchased several benches. ( Four of the benches have now been purchased by individuals.two are in Memory of loved ones and some are just to help build up some cash to perhaps purchase more). If you are interested in purchasing an item or two to stay on Main with your name plaque on it, contact Glenda Billerbeck.

We are hopeful that we will receive a grant to allow us to buy colorful banners for Main Street and on Blackhawk and Broad leading from Main to Hwy. 175.

We are working with Alliant energy to update our street lights in the future.

We have volunteers planting and caring for the flowers on several corners around the the Post Office, the library, the Memorial building, PCI, M&W and probably many more!!! All of that is adding to the beauty, the "Welcome" tone, and the positive memory we hope we are making on people. There are always weeds to pull or more corners to beautify, contact City Hall if you want to volunteer in this area.

Many residents are making their yards beautiful with flowers, rocks, flags, and trees.

As merchants update their store fronts, they are working with the city guidelines to create a unified and beautiful "Old Main" look.

We have volunteers of all ages, working together (creating a more unified community through the process) in the hope that we will "brighten" Reinbeck's future for the current residents, for future people making Reinbeck their home, and for visitors.

We hope you are enjoying the progress the community is making!

If you have questions or concerns, contact Jean Silver or Marion Boyer.

Together for a stronger community.

Marion Boyer



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