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Parkview News

May 22, 2009
Joyce Holman

Wow, what a great National Nursing Home Week we had at Parkview. Fun all week and good food. Gee, we have that every week but this was even more special. We had home style serving, Kentucky Fried Chicken, BBQ, Restaurant style, and prime rib. Our kitchen was working extra hard this week to do all the plans that we made. We can not thank them enough for all they did.

Each day we did something fun and a little different. Monday, we first crowned a queen and king. Anyone could vote for a resident to be king and queen and then we counted the ballads. Annabelle Ward and Paul Plaehn became our king and queen. The rest of the week they were treated just a little bit special. Then we started the horse shoe tournament and wow do we have a lot of good horse shoe players. Boyd Brandt was the championship at the end. After we all had ice cream cones to end the day.

Tuesday we started the day playing checkers then we had coffee and animal cookies and trivia on animals which ended up with a lot of laughter. Did you know that a mosquito has 45 teeth?! It was time for lunch and Roger went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and brought home a meal for everybody. That was the best. Everyone was full and happy after that. We spent the afternoon playing bingo and we had many prizes. The last game was played for $5.00.

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Wednesday we started the day catching bubbles from the bubble machine and getting drenched with bubble soap. I was afraid when I put my top in the wash my machine would overflow with bubbles. It was a lot of laughs. It was like being on the Lawrence Welk show. At meal time we had a restaurant style meal. They had a menu to pick what they would like to eat and waitresses to wait on them, it was fun. In the afternoon we watched a movie, and we drew for prizes throughout the movie. Popcorn is always a big hit at Parkview.

Thursday was our picnic day and with the weather not cooperating, we had to do everything inside, but no problem, it all worked out great. We first started with a hula-hoop contest with the staff. It took forever to find one that could do it. Thanks to Jessie from housekeeping, we finally got to see how it is done. Then we got the nerf guns out and what fun. Only the king was always aiming at different targets instead of the one he was suppose to be aiming at. Everybody got to join in and they all tended to miss the target and hit one of the staff. Is it because staff asked for it??!! Then it was time to eat and we had brats on the grill and all the trimmings that you would have at a picnic. After our meal we went back to the games and had a cow chip toss. Boy, that was very interesting. No, we did not us regular cow chips even though Carla said she could get us some. We used over cooked pancakes and they worked very well. Was that ever fun. The staff member decided to be a target too, and the residents really got to throwing very good cow chips. We also did a penny toss where they were able to win prizes but we ended up getting the guns out again. That seems to be the best activity. Now I know why the nerf toys go over so well with the kids. It sure does with us older ones too. We ended the afternoon eating watermelon.

Friday we played baseball in the morning even though we had to do it inside. The plastic bats are not as easy to swing as the heavier ones, but it sure was fun. We had a family style meal again and then bingo blast. The Friday bingo blast cost us more because we had two $5.00 winners.

Saturday was great. Thanks to all the family and staff that came and made the final day great. We served prime rib and it was really good. We have some good chefs at Parkview. Doug sang for us and it was nice to have music. The queen was very happy when Doug said he would perform.

I want to say again thank you to the family for coming and making the evening a success. I also what to thank all the staff that participated that night. A special thanks goes to Carolyn, Connie (who keeps me sane) and Laurie because they made my job easier. Thank you to Tina and her family, and Tracy and her family, and Kris and her daughter for all the help they did in getting things taken down and put away. The staff on duty had extra work that night and they handled it with ease. Thank you so much. Thanks to the board for letting us do these special events. This is why Parkview is a great place. Hope you have a good week.



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