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May 8, 2009
Joyce Holman



MAY 11-16, 2009


This is a special week for us at the facility. We have several events scheduled throughout the week.

May 11- Monday at 10 AM we will be crowning a King and Queen. Please come in and vote the week before. The voting box will be up at the nurse's station. All residents are nominated to become the King, or Queen.

Right after the crowning will be the horseshoe tournament. We have horseshoes that can be used inside if the weather is bad, otherwise we will go outside. All is welcome to join in the tournament. Please call Parkview and ask for Joyce, or Connie and let us know that you'll be attending.

At 10:30 AM we will have coffee and baby animal trivia. If you have any baby animals you would like to bring in and share please let us know!

At noon the residents will have a family style meal. At 1 PM we will resume the horseshoe tournament. At about 2:30 PM we will have the championship game. We will serve ice cream cones while we watch the game.

May 12- Tuesday at 9:30 AM we will be having a checker tournament. Everyone is invited, just let us know ahead of time, so we can get you on the bracket. At 10:30 AM we will be serving coffee and cookies. The noon meal for the residents will consist of catered fried chicken.

At 2:30 PM we will play Bingo Blast. A lot of different prizes will be given ranging from $5 to a can of pop. You are all invited to play bingo any week. It does not have to be just Nursing Home Week.

May 13- Wednesday at 10 AM is an exercise class. We will be catching bubbles with butterfly nets. Coffee and cookies will be served.

At noon we will have a restaurant style meal. The residents will be ordering off of a menu just like they would in a restaurant. Plus there will be waiters!

At 2 PM we will be watching a movie, "Yours, Mine, Ours," starring Lucille Ball. Prizes will be drawn throughout the movie. The same popcorn, drinks, and candy, that you see at the theater, will be offered.

May 14- Starting at 10 AM on Thursday will be our family picnic for the staff and residents with many fun games. This activity will go on throughout the day. We will have brats and potato salad, and a lot more. Some of the games will be penny toss, cow chip throw, a hula hoop contest and a balloon contest. At 3:30 PM we will have watermelon, and who knows maybe a seed spitting contest.

May 15- Friday we will start off with a bat and ball game with coffee and cookies after. Our noon meal will be a family potluck. The kitchen is going to make all kinds of food. The residents will be able to pick whatever they would like to eat just as if they were at their own family potluck. Again we will be playing Bingo Blast.

May 16- Our Big event will be Saturday night starting at 5:00 PM with a meal of prime rib, royal cheese potatoes, jester's corn, giant's green beans, garlic toast and majestic cake. A meal fit for a King and Queen. Throughout the week the King and Queen will be honored. We want to end the week with a big royal event. There will be music and a speech from the Prime Minister. Family is invited to attend this affair. We ask that you RSVP to Parkview by Monday so we have plenty of food. We also ask that you bring your lawn chairs, so we are sure to have enough seating.

We are looking for volunteers to help throughout the week to help make this a fun experience for all the residents. By volunteering you will enjoy all the goodies and fun that is being offered, but most of all you will be doing something special for some really neat people.

Our number is 319-345-6811. Please call to let us know how you would like to take part in this week.



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