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Hunting from vehicles

March 5, 2009
Herman Lenz

Dear Editor:

Tell your lawmakers to get some effective penalty on the following kind of hunting:

1. Using motor vehicles to "chase or head off animals." When you see those vehicles turn around and zoom one way, then the other, then the other, they're using a "machine" to hunt with.

2. Shooting into private property from the road and/or vehicle, without permission from the owner to residents. This is an "assault and battery on the safety and property of the residents." It should be prosecuted as a "felony" with loss of gun and hunting rights.

3. Wearing camouflage on someone elses property, while armed, without the written and signed permission of the proprty owner or resident. The public should have a right to know "where" such invisible armed spooks are at.

4. Being UN-seat belted while firearms are in the vehicle. They can't get a gun into action and out the window while seat belted. The seat belt law zealots should be on this issue (even though I'm opposed to seat belt laws in general.)

They ride around in gangs, in heated 4 wheel drive vehicles and co-ordinate each other by radio or cell phone, and use scopes, and semi-auto firepower with over 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 mile range, park on the traveled part of the road, sometimes side by side and block the road.

They're a public hazard and nuisance. Why can't they find something constructive to do with their idle time? In earlier times, the "hunting community"itself would have outlawed such dastardly kind of hunting.

There are at least 57 hunting and trapping seasons now, when you count the "youth", disabled", "early", "late", "shotgun", "bow and arrow", "muzzleloader", "handgun", "out of state hunter", seasons on various animals and birds. We DON'T need ANOTHER season on "doves." Next, they'll want a shooting season on robins or sparrows.


Herman Lenz,

20832 Y Avenue

Sumner, IA. 50674



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