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Easy Banan Jam

February 26, 2009
Bernice Volkens

I think this last week and week-end was certainly raw and wintry and we decided it was a good week-end to stay home and do things that really don't need doing. Something we hadn't been able to do these last few weeks.

Without feeling rushed I did get some of my photos stored on my computer and had time to get engrossed in a good book.

I found all this kind of fun because it was something I didn't have to do.

The way a walk in the mud can be fun if you're dressed for it. I think any woman who says they hate housework should award themselves with a day like this. It can be a celebration, really, because of the freedom you have in your own home.

It would be the kind of freedom I'd certainly hate to be liberated from. If we believe many TV commercials there are many difficulties in housekeeping or sometimes keeping house is nothing but drudgery. Then I think my life can be no duller than working in a computer pool, store or an assembly line. I do have to admit I find some aspects of homemaking such as baking and canning very rewarding but also some things like dusting and laundry could be classified as dull.

Some think to be called a "housewife" is degrading. What is degrading about managing a home? On the other hand I don't want to suggest every woman's place is in the home.

Her place is wherever her tastes, talents and luck can get her.

Most of us housewives have worked outside the home. For many of us right now we like staying home for many different reasons. Most of us know running a house is no rose garden; but it's also not a bed of thorns.

Jam packed, busy days anyone can handle. It's when days aren't so busy and you can find something rewarding to fill it with that making staying home worthwhile.

On a cold day like today even the kitchen isn't a bad place to be. I especially like to bake or try a new recipe. This one I tried when I had some over ripe bananas and I didn't want to make banana bread.


6 very ripe bananas,


juice of 6 lemons

1 cup sugar

Mix together and put on low heat. Cook an hour, stirring frequently. If it starts turning pink, don't be upset this depends on the kind of bananas you've used. Skim off the froth as the jam cooks.

Refrigerate the jam if you're going to eat it soon, if not pour into sterilized jars and seal with paraffin. Especially good on a peanut butter sandwich. Also try it on ice cream.

"Bread without jam ain't bread."



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