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Wrong Message

Letter to the Editor

February 6, 2009
Reinbeck Courier

Dear Editor:

Is it really television and video games giving our kids the wrong message today or is it the judicial system? I was disturbed when I read through the magistrate court section of last week's paper. There were two people that were found guilty of domestic abuse, of which one of them it was the second offense. They were both only fined $65 plus court costs. Now right after them a person was found guilty of letting her dog run at large. Her fine was $100 plus court costs. Are we really trying to show our kids that it is worse to let a dog run loose than someone who beats their spouse? I know it all can get plead down in court, but I think we are giving society the wrong message. I don't think we should be giving our kids the impression that abuse is not a serious matter, or at least not as serious as letting our dogs run loose. What is the world coming to? Where are our morals today?

Brad Evenson

204 Valley Dr.

Reinbeck, IA.



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